Young Readers Week

Reading feeds the soul… and that is certainly true at Johnson Crossing Academic Center in Fremont, Nebraska this week.  In celebration of Young Readers Week, 35 community members, retired teachers, administrators, board members, and friends of education came in to share their favorite children’s book with our students.  You could have heard a pin drop as they heard excerpts from Tuck EverlastingThe Lightning Thief, Library LilMoe the Dog in Tropical Paradise, and much, much more!  Students were transported to magical lands where Winnie Foster tries to decide if she wants to live forever, Greek monsters fight in modern-day society, librarians take on motorcycle gangs, and two dogs have a vacation of a lifetime, in their living room!  Reading aloud to children is often the part of our day that gets forgotten, laid aside for “more important” curriculum – we need to re-evaluate!  This part of our day should be sacred: students deserve to hear great literature read aloud and to share stories with important adults in their lives!  A big thank-you to our volunteers and a huge shout-out to READING!!

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